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Platinum Trophy

Collect all DmC Devil May Cry Trophies

Time to go to work guys!

Purchase your first upgrade

Devil May Cry -开场CG,Trish用剑穿了Dante的胸还用了电击,取笑“Didn't your daddy teach you how to use a sword?”之后抄起摩托车向Dante砸过去。Dante说完这句话之后用双枪将摩托车打爆。

Come on Puppy. Let’s go!

Defeat your pursuer

Devil May Cry 3 - M3 boss战前,调戏(XD)三头犬Cerberus,伴随着一个弯下腰拍巴掌的招猫逗狗的动作。

It’s got to stay in the family

Acquire Arbiter

Devil May Cry 4 - M10 boss战结束,Dante向Nero说明自己为什么要拿回Yamato(但是马上就因为Nero一句“I need this”送出去了……)

Thing drives me crazy

Acquire Osiris

Devil May Cry 4 - M2 boss战结束。原句是“Damn thing drives me crazy though”

Only kind of gift worth giving

Acquire the Angel Boost ability

Devil May Cry 4 -结局Epilogue 1,Nero要把Yamato还给Dante但是Dante让他“Keep it”,Nero不解。原句是“That’s the only kind of gift worth giving”

Flock off, feather-face!

Survive the encounter with the Tyrant

Devil May Cry - M9初遇Griffin

This baby sure can pack a punch

Acquire Eryx

Devil May Cry 4 - M2第一场战斗之前,教堂外一片混乱,Nero让Kyrie先走。用Red Queen击杀若干只恶魔之后自言自语,表示武器用着很顺手

He’s a demon too

Help Phineas retrieve his eye

Devil May Cry 3 - M7 Lady从空中掉落被Dante抓住,Lady开了一枪打中Dante眉心却发现Dante没事,自言自语。

You are not a Human, are you?

Acquire the Devil Trigger ability

Devil May Cry 3 - M3 boss战结束,Cerberus第一句话。

No talking!

Acquire Aquila

Devil May Cry 3 - M5 boss战结束,Agni & Rudra希望Dante带上它们,Dante提出“Okay, but on one condition.”(嫌双刀太吵了XD)Dante获得新武器试用耍酷一番之后Rudra称赞一句“impressive”马上被Dante敲了头又说了一遍“No talking”

More than just a few sparks

Acquire Revenant

Devil May Cry 4 - M16 boss战结束,Dante用最后一枪让Berial化成了无数火花之后的自言自语,原句是“That’s a letdown… I was hoping for a bit more than just a few sparks…”

Whatever, Lady

Defeat Mundus Spawn

Devil May Cry 3 - M9开场CG,Dante和Lady合作击杀恶魔,Dante边打边问Lady的名字,Lady回答随便,Dante自言自语(说完这句就自己跑了让妹子一个人打架你也真好意思……)

You’re not going to shoot me

Acquire Kablooey

Devil May Cry 3 - M12开场CG,Dante受不了Jester的废话于是用枪顶着Jester的鼻子,Jester原话是“You’re not going to shoot me, are you?”

It’s time to finish this!

Help Vergil open the Vault

Devil May Cry 4 - M20开场CG,Nero马上要与Sanctus开始最终战,Dante的声音从外面传来……(- -|||)

Cleaning up his Dad’s mess

Defeat Mundus

Devil May Cry 3 - M11 boss战前CG,Dante最后一句话,原话是“A son cleaning up his dad’s mess, huh?”

Looks like it’s your lucky day

Complete a level without taking any damage

Devil May Cry 2 - Dante’s disc M2 / Lucia’s disc M3 CG(2代台词本来就少得可怜……)

Every hero has a weakness

Complete Furnace of Souls without taking damage from the furnaoe

Devil May Cry 2 - Dante’s disc M14 / Lucia’s disc M10 CG,Lucia问“Why did you save me? I was created... by him...”时Dante的回答

It’s only the rain

Kill 10 enemies by pushing them into the Hurricane ride on Mission 1

Devil May Cry 3 - M20结束,Dante从塔中走出来到废墟上遇到Lady之后的对话。Lady问“Are you crying?” Dante的回答

A man with guts and honor

Reach the end of the descent on Mission 6 having killed all of the enemies

Devil May Cry - M17 boss战前Dante对Nelo Angelo说的,后面还有一句“I like that! But it's a shame you serve Mundus.”

Now my coat’s all charred

Navigate the Sky Bridge on Mission 16 without hitting the lasers

Devil May Cry 4 - M16 boss战前Dante坐在Bariel尾巴上玩耍(?)一番之后的调侃

Where does the time go?

Complete a level with 2 minutes or less on the clock

Devil May Cry 3 - M2结尾CG,Dante看着Temen-Ni-Gru的方向说的话,前一句是“It’s been nearly a year since we last met.”

For Tony Redgrave

Kill 50 enemies using nothing but firearms

Devil May Cry官方小说中讲述双枪的来历时提到,制枪的老人将改造过的双枪送给当时还化名为Tony Redgrave的Dante,枪身上刻着“For Tony Redgrave”。在Devil May Cry 3官方设定图中也可以看到刻在双枪之Ebony枪身上的“For Tony Redgrave”字样

In the name of my father

Kill 100 enemies using nothing but Demon weapons

Devil May Cry - M15 boss战后CG,Dante最后一句台词,完整原句是“In the name of my father, I will kill Mundus!”

You’ll never have her fire

Kill 100 enemies using nothing but Angel weapons

Devil May Cry - M20 boss战后CG,Dante对于Trish的背叛表示愤怒和失望,完整原句是“You have the face you'll never have her fire!”(Dante你真的是恋母吗……)


Slay 100 Demons

Devil May Cry 3出现2次。第一次出现在M5 boss战结束后,Dante获得新武器耍酷一番之后Rudra的称赞(但是马上就被Dante撞了头并且下令“No Talking!” XD),第二次出现在M13 boss战后CG,Vergil, Dante, Lady三人把武器架在Jester/Arkham肩上时Arkham说的话

Bring it on!

Slay 1,000 Demons

Devil May Cry 3 - M20结束CG,Dante和Lady发现还有没消灭的恶魔,即将进入Staff时Dante说的话


Gain a SSS Style Rank during combat


It’s showtime. Come on!

Earn 1,500 Style Bonuses

Devil May Cry 3 - M3 boss战前CG,Dante最后一句台词(同样伴随着一个耍酷的动作)

This is my kind of rain

Spend 10,000 Red Orbs

Devil May Cry 3 - M7 Lady从空中掉落被Dante抓住,Dante第一句话

Absolutely crazy about it

Spend 50,000 Red Orbs

Devil May Cry 3 - M20结束CG,Dante和Lady发现还有没消灭的恶魔,即将进入Staff时Dante说的最后一句话,完整是“I’m absolutely crazy about it!”

Let’s rock, baby!

Upgrade Dante’s health to maximum

Devil May Cry,载入游戏后的提示信息(游戏含有暴力内容云云的那段话)到游戏title画面会有一小段动画,几声枪响之后是Dante的声音“Let’s rock, baby!”。另外“Let’s rock!”在几作里多次出现,Devil May Cry M23在开飞机操作之前,Devil May Cry 3 M1开场CG Dante砸坏电唱机之前标志性的“This party’s getting crazy! Let’s rock!”,Devil May Cry 4 M20结束后即将进入Staff前Nero最后一句话和Epilogue 2 Dante, Trish, Lady三人摆出无比拉轰的pose同时说的话

You can’t handle it

Upgrade Dante’s Devil Trigger to maximum

Devil May Cry 3 - M19 boss战中途CG,Vergil登场时对Arkham说的话

Dude, the show’s over!

Find all of the Keys

Devil May Cry 3 - M13 boss战后CG,Vergil, Dante, Lady三人把武器架在Jester/Arkham肩上时Dante说的话

Let’s welcome chaos!

Open all of the Secret Doors

Devil May Cry 3 - M13 boss战后CG,Vergil, Dante, Lady三人把武器架在Jester/Arkham肩上时Arkham说的最后一句话(说完就把三人撂倒了……)

And you are set free

Free half of the Lost Souls

Devil May Cry 4 - M16 boss战结束CG,Dante获得武器Lucifer之后演示并耍酷的片段,最后把玫瑰花扔向剑时说的话


Complete a mission with a SSS rank

Devil May Cry / 2 / 3 / 4 /战斗即时评价

That is what I live for!

Complete all missions on the Heaven or Hell difficulty

Devil May Cry 3 - M20结束CG,Dante和Lady发现还有没消灭的恶魔,即将进入Staff时Dante说的话

This party’s just getting crazy!

Complete 10 Secret Missions

Devil May Cry 3 - M1开场CG Dante砸坏电唱机之前标志性的“This party’s getting crazy! Let’s rock!”

The end? Don’t bet on it

Complete the final mission on Human, Devil Hunter or Nephilim difficulty

Devil May Cry 3 - M1开场CG Dante最后一句话(之后进入战斗场景)

Looks like we have a winner

Slay 5,000 Demons

Devil May Cry - M23 boss战,Dante借助Trish的力量击败Mundus,在Jackpot前Trish说的话

Power… Give me more power

Purchase all of Dante’s combat upgrades

Devil May Cry 4 - M6关卡中段CG,Devil Arm的力量修复了Yamato,Nero首次魔化时说的话

Fill your dark soul with light

Free all of the Lost Souls

Devil May Cry - M22结束CG,Dante抱着Trish的尸体哭泣,完整原句是“I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with liiiiiight!!”(伴有回音……回音……回音……)

Keeps getting better and better

Gain a 100% completion rank on all missions (difficulty doesn’t matter)

Devil May Cry - M3结束CG,Dante初遇Lady,Lady骑着摩托车从Dante头顶飞过之后Dante的自言自语

Too easy!

Complete all missions on the Son of Sparda difficulty

Devil May Cry 3 - M3 boss战结束后CG,Dante得到新武器Cerberus,试用之后说的话。同时也是使用Cerberus普通CC技收招时语音。

One hell of a party!

Complete all of the Secret Missions

Devil May Cry 3 - M1结束CG,Dante踹门之前说的话,完整原句是“I can already tell, looks like this is going to be one hell of a party!”

Devils never cry

Complete all missions on the Dante Must Die difficulty

多次出现:Devil May Cry - M23结束,Trish在Dante怀里哭泣时Dante说的话。而在整部游戏结束CG(也就是跟staff连在一起的)里Dante的店改名为Devil Never Dry(区别就在单复数……)Devil May Cry 2 - Dante’s disc M18 / Lucia’s disc M13进入关卡前第二段CG里Dante对Lucia说的话。同一关卡结尾CG里Lucia回想Dante说过的话。Lucia’s disc M13 boss战结束后CG里Lucia也说过Devil May Cry 3 - M20结束,Dante从塔中走出来到废墟上遇到Lady之后的对话。Lady: “Are you crying?” Dante: “It’s only the rain.” Lady: “The rain already stopped.” Dante: “Devils never cry.”Devil May Cry 3主题曲曲名

And welcome to Hell!

Complete all missions on the Hell and Hell difficulty

Devil May Cry 3 - M5开场CG,Jester第二句话。


Complete all missions on the Nephilim difficulty with a SSS rank

Devil May Cry - M23 Dante给Mundus的最后一枪Devil May Cry 3 - M19 Dante和Vergil联手给Arkham的最后一枪Devil May Cry 4 - M20 Nero战斗过程中用投技给予boss最后一击的时候说了jackpot,但是因为伴随着战斗BGM和各种音效所以不太容易听出来

鬼泣5 单人剧情 轻松通关

  • 类型动作游戏
  • 发售2017年01月01日
  • 语言英文
  • 平台PC
  • 研发Capcom
  • 运营Capcom
据外媒报道,《鬼泣》系列的正统续作《鬼泣5(Devil May Cry 5)》正由Capcom制作中,极有可能在本次东京电玩展上正式公布,很有可能于2015年正式发售,玩……